Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Microsoft's anti-Adobe podcast

Anyone at Adobe who's unaware how effectively Microsoft get their anti-Adobe message across should take time to listen to last week's .NET Rocks! podcast about Virtual Server. The presenters get so emotional about the Adobe dispute that they have to bleep the transmission. Man, these guys are not happy. They're only warming up at start of the broadcast. Listen through to the end for the heavy stuff. I figure Adobe must be doing something right!


Anonymous said...

Transcript, in PDF of course, is here:

Anonymous said...

The comments were more about how adobe reader just plain bites. Acrobat is so bloated and so lame.

Anonymous said...

Haven't read everything here but Adobe drives me up the wall. It freezes my printer, clogs up my computer with bloated stuff and and seems to be incompatible with everything else I use. Kill it!